Individuals who decide to perform their own repairs should have proper training and limit repairs to components which will not affect the safety of the vehicle or its occupants. When replacement parts are required, it is strongly recommended
that they are purchased through an authorized HUMMER dealer. It is essential that replacement parts meet or exceed manufacturer's specifications. Vehicle performance
and personal safety may be impaired if other than original factory components are installed.
The installation of nonapproved accessories or conversions is not recommended as they could affect the vehicle's driving characteristics and personal safety. AM General Corporation will not be liable for personal injury or damage to property resulting
from the installation of nonapproved accessories or conversions to the HUMMER.
Following the safety precautions as prescribed throughout this manual may greatly reduce the risks of personal injury and damage to the vehicle. However, it is unlikely that AM General Corporation will account for all possibilities.
Warnings, cautions, and notes are used throughout this service manual to assist service personnel in the performance of maintenance actions. These statements are designed as reminders for trained and experienced service personnel.