ZIL 431410 (ZIL 130) - parts catalog.
AND ITS MODIFICATIONS OF ZIL-441510 (ZIL-130В1), ZIL-431510 (ZIL-130G),ZIL-431917 (ZIL-130E) AND CHASSIS ZIL-495810 (ZIL-130Д1)
The catalog contains technical description n detailed specification of units and parts of the ZIL-431410 (ZIL-130) and its modifications of ZIL-441510 (ZIL-130В1), ZIL-4315Ю (ZIL-130G), ZIL-431917 (ZIL-130E) and chassis ZIL-495810 (ZIL-130Д1). In the specification designation, the name and quality of parts. In this table, the purchase and normalized
The edition is illustrated by drawings, which can serve as a visual aid during disassembly and Assembly of mechanisms and units of the car.
For employees of motor transport and repair facilities, supply and trading organizations.

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