Detailed illustrated reference and informational Edition Manual Hino Ranger, as well as guidance on the operation and maintenance of the device, Hino Ranger. This model was produced in the period from 1989 to 2002 years. Cars equipped with diesel engines H06C (6.5 l), H07C (6.8 l), H07D (7.4 l), J05C (5.3 l) J08C (8.0 l.), W06 (6.0 l).
The presentations are necessary data maintenance (including a map of the grease) and repair trucks Hino Ranger, check and repair all of the engines and their systems, fuel pump, clutch, GEARBOX, steering systems, gearbox rear axle, elements of pneumatic and pneumo-hydraulic braking (including ABS), suspension (spring and pneumatic).
Also the manual examples of possible problems of technique and studied methods to their early elimination, presented to the corresponding dimensions of the main parts of the truck and the possible limits of their wear and tear, offered the most proven in operation fluids and lubricating materials.

The task of any professionally done techno-repair literature-always and everywhere to accompany the owner in case of need to first come to him for help, whether it's a standard garage inspection or nuisance in the way. No exception and the most popular book of the Moscow automobile publishers Legion Supply.
The case where the agent Hino occurs in necessary moment on a rustic stretch of roads, almost unbelievable. The bulk of such repair items so far is equipped near the borders or inside large cities of oblast subordinance, or at the intersections of major roads. But the situation when technical failure may occur if looks like something out of, when in fact, it almost always appears as snow on the head-predict such impossible. Also for this reason (the useful qualities of such automotive literature in the garage all know) drivers Hino Ranger and, of course, not only this model, try not to leave such a wonderful tool that helps with force majeure, saving a lot of time and money.
But it can happen and so that the evacuation on tehstanciû will be necessary. In such a situation, the first thing that you can hear from the local technique, it is a question of the availability of tehničesoj literature on this model. Those who have already got in such stories are well aware what it was about and already having some experience, understand what type of assistance can provide, how to accelerate the process and what kind of accidental damage when repairing prevent can book repair Hino Ranger.
At the beginning of the Handbook, the authors placed the instruction manual Hino Ranger. Detailed instructions on how to correctly carry out routine maintenance in-house, electrical connections (wiring diagrams), descriptions of checks of elements of the electrical equipment of the machine you will find parts of this manual.
The proposed publication will provide the necessary support to any difficult situation in user Hino Ranger, mechanics and auto repair shops, the staff of the roadside service stations and automotive service centers, other professionals engaged in repair procedures and maintenance of such equipment and want to always have on hand as Visual cues of excellent quality avtoliteraturu.

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