Opel Omega Vauxhall 1994-1999 - руководство ремонта, обслуживания, эксплуатации автомобиля.
В настоящем руководстве рассматриваются методы ремонта Vauxhall Opel Omega 1994-1999гг. выпуска с бензиновыми двигателями 2,0 л (1998cc) 4-цил. 2.5 литра (2498cc) и 3,0-литровый V6 (2962cc). А также неисправности и их устранение, техническое обслуживание. В руководстве описана конструкция автомобиля, изложены последовательно и подробно различные сборочно-разборочные операции, ремонтные и регулировочные работы на автомобиле. Описаны приемы работы в условиях специализированной мастерской с использованием специальных приспособлений. Также даны конкретные рекомендации по уходу за автомобилем в условиях домашней мастерской.

Mark Coombs and Spencer Drayton
Models covered
Vauxhall Omega Saloon and Estate models with petrol engines, including special/limited editions
1998 cc, 2498 cc & 2969 cc petrol engines
Does not cover diesel engine or bi-fuel (LPG) models

The aim of this manual is to help you get the best value from your vehicle. It can do so in several ways. It can help you decide what work must be done (even should you choose to get it done by a garage). It
will also provide information on routine maintenance and servicing, and give a logical course of action and diagnosis when random faults occur. However, it is hoped that you will use the manual by tackling the
work yourself. On simpler jobs it may even be quicker than booking the car into a garage and going there twice, to leave and collect it. Perhaps most important, a lot of money can be saved by avoiding the costs a garage must charge to cover its labour and overheads.
The manual has drawings and descriptions to show the function of the various components so that their layout can be understood. Tasks are described and photographed in a clear step-by-step sequence.
References to the ‘left’ and ‘right’ are in the sense of a person in the driver’s seat, facing forwards.