Руководство по ремонту дизельных двигателей Deutz B/FM 1008/F.
В руководстве по ремонту двигателей рассмотрены такие модели:
F2M 1008
F3M 1008
F4M 1008
BF4M 1008

F2M 1008 F
F3M 1008 F
F4M 1008 F

Reliable engine operation is dependent on property executed repairs as well as adjustment work.
This Workshop IVbnual describes the appropriate operations for any repair and adjustment work on the engine and engine components. It is presumed that this work will be carried out by qualified personnel.
The IVbnual has been laid out to ensure quick comprehension of the contents, i. e illustrations have been placed adjacent to the brief text passages to clearly show the working operations.
Aspects of operation and maintenance are dealt with in the respective Operation Manual.
For spare parts orders the respective spare parts catalogue should be referred to.
This Wbrkshop IVbnual is not subject to engineering change service and is valid until next issue.
Therefore please refer to the information in our Technical Circulars when carrying out repairs.
General information:
Please read carefully and observe the instructions given in this Wbrkshop IVbnual to avoid accidents and ensure that your engine always functions properly and reliably.
Make sure that this Workshop IVbnual is readily available for all those carrying out repairs or adjustments and that the contents are well understood.
Non-compliance with these repair instructions may result in malfunction and engine damage as well as personal injuries for which the manufacturer shall not accept any liability.
The accident prevention regulations and all other generally recognized regulations on safety and occupational medicine are to be observed.
A prerequisite for successful repair is that all required equipment, hand and special tools are available and in perfect working order
Optimal operation economy, reliability and durability of the engine can only be ensured when genuine parts of DEUTZ AG are used.
Engine components such as springs, clamps, snap rings, etc. may cause injury if not handled with care.
Engine repairs must be carried out in accordance with intended use as defined by the equipment manufacturer. For conversions, only parts approved by DEUTZ AG for a specific purpose should be used.