Color illustrated reference manual remontuFord Fiesta, as well as the manual of operation and maintenance, device Ford Fiesta from 2001, the year 2006 restyled release equipped gasoline engines Duratec (1.3, 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 liters).

Manual contains more than 3000 colour photographs, detailed display the entire process step-by-step repair Ford Fiesta, detailed engine repairs, provides full vehicle specifications, lists of possible malfunctions and recommendations for addressing them.

All technology works chosen for the garage using a generic tool, and only in special cases are the recommendations for the use of a special tool available.
Repair operations and units in each section of the book are selected according to the principle of simple to complex: from simple servicing, adjustment, replacement of components and systems often emerging from order details before major repairs of aggregates.
All materials created on specific experiences during full disassembly and Assembly of Ford Fiesta qualified auto mechanics. The whole order of troubleshooting is illustrated with high-quality color photos.
The book consists of the following sections:
Device car-General information and passport data, panels and control devices
Recommendations for use-preparation for departure, traffic security best practices
A malfunction in the way-what to do in each case
Maintenance-complete walkthrough
Information on repairing such components of the vehicle as the engine, transmission, chassis, steering, braking system-regulations, small and large repairs, Assembly and disassembly of the units and units of machines
Electric equipment-repair, fault diagnosis, and basic blocks
Wiring diagrams-simplify troubleshooting electrical equipment
In some sections of the manual includes instruction manual Ford Fiesta, maintenance tips, and diagrams of electrical equipment (wiring diagrams) of the car. Also a guide to help choose the Ford Fiesta.

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